The brief

Prequel, a photo/video editing app which allows users to create aesthetic effects and filters for the photos and videos, were looking to drive installs at scale in the UK and US whilst maintaining a low CPI. We were looking to target GenZ and Millennial consumers looking for a quick and easy editing app, with cool filters & effects.

What we did

We drove installs at scale for Prequel by maximising on a seasonal campaign through fun and creative Halloween related content. We spoke to TikTok influencers based in both the US and UK to create this content, using lifestyle and lifehack verticals, and these Influencers then created content which demonstrated how to apply the filters and effects, as well as highlighting a variety to choose from.

By understanding Prequel’s key app messages and new editions to the filters & effects, Yoke were able to define a campaign strategy bespoke to them, driving significant results at a low CPI.

How it went

By utilising our experience and historical data from working with photo/video editing apps, we were able to activate the right group of lifestyle creators for this particular campaign. 

We took advantage of Prequel’s new Halloween filters and effects and optimised the campaign with new TOVs and creators. This resulted in over 2.5 million views, as well as achieving over 8,000 downloads at a low CPI, and an even lower eCPI (taking into account organic uplift).

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